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We offer several different types of buildings. Our best selling building is an economy building that has a 29 gauge metal exterior (roof and walls), steel A-Frame trusses, 6x6 pressure treated wood post, and top grade 2x4 pine lumber framing.

(subject to change)
20x30x10 - $5800.00
24x30x10 - $6540.00
30x30x10 - $7800.00
30x40x10 - $9850.00
40x40x10 - $11,450.00

Prices include colored walls & roof
one 10x10 rollup door
and one 3x7 walk-thru door


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Another great choice is an all-metal building, which includes 26 gauge metal roofing, 29 gauge metal walls, steel I-beam post, steel trusses, and a 14 gauge red iron frame. We also offer a pre-engineered style building if that is what you're in the market to build.


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6x6 pressure treated post, all-steel frame


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All materials used in construction of your building will be the best available. An example of this is in the metal panels. We use only McElroy Metal for these buildings because it is the strongest, fade resistant, most durable metal available and we can say that from experience. The trusses used are made by Gibbs and Sons welding located in Lake, Ms.. We have been doing business with them since we started and they build a great product.



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